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Vauban Summary

Vauban – the model district of Freiburg has a very special mix of citizens as well as architecture. You‘ll find people building their own houses, lodgers, members of co-operatives, students, people living alternative lifestyles in the renovated barracks or in freaky caravans.
There are the particular selfmade terraced houses and also the great buildings. As a general rule the height of the houses is limitted to four floors. As an exception there are some higher buildings – not in every time the better appearance!

Trendsetting Concepts

Reducing motorized traffic is leading to high quality of life in the district. Streets become places of communication and children are using it as a safe playground. The traffic concept is realized in detail:
  • Good connections to the public transport
  • Supporting residences without cars
  • No-parking areas and traffic reduced roads
  • Pedestrian zones and well expanded cycle ways
  • Common usage of car-sharing
  • Reducing speed limit to 30 km/h at the mainroads, walking speed at the traffic calming areas
  • Concentration of the parking places at two large garages
All new buildings in Vauban are fulfilling a low-energy-norm of 65 kWh per squaremeter per year. Aside there are also a lot of passiv-houses and "plus energy houses". Eco-friendly building materials are used in many residences. At Vauban roofs must be constructed as green roofs or they must be equipped with solar installations.

A wood-chip-burning power station supplies all buildings with heating and hot water. The wooden chips mostly are produced from wood of the local forests. But sometimes also natural gas is used. This power station also provides the public network with electricity, but only in less quantity.

Vauban is a district of short distances. Services to the consumer an goods should be available for daily use. Public participation has formed the outlook of the model district. Because a lot of citizens are involved in community activities today there is a community center containing different associatilons and also a large unspoilt market place at the center of Vauban.

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