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Arrival – General Map

Journey with public transport
Arrival at central station; from the platform directly to the lift or upstairs onto the tramway bridge; boarding line 3, direction "Vauban"; exit at stop "Paula-Modersohn-Platz", "Vauban-Mitte" or "Innsbrucker Straße" (terminal stop). Running time about 15 minutes.
Tickets are available at the kiosks on the gates and at the stores inside the station-building. The cheapest opportunity is a REGIO24-ticket (One ticket € 10,50.- max. five persons/24 hours).

Travel by car
From the North: Autobahn A5, exit "Freiburg Mitte", highway B31 up to exit "Merzhausen", southwards and  straight on to Vauban (nearly 2 kilometers).
From the South: Autobahn A5, exit "Freiburg Süd"; up to direction "Freiburg"; at the 2. traffic light turn to one‘s right into the "Wiesentalstreet" (at the gas station); after the railway underbridge  turn to one‘s right into the district of Vauban.
From the East: Reaching Freiburg on the highway B31, exit "Merzhausen", southwards and  straight on to Vauban (nearly 2 kilometers).

At the road "Vaubanallee" and the Solar-Garage (Drive "Merzhauser Straße"). Tickets needed. No parking in all other areas.

Charter Bus
Exit the highway No. 5 at "Freiburg-Mitte", following the B31, direction "Freiburg". Use exit "Stühlinger/Eschholzstraße" and immediately turn to the right, when passing the light. Going on straight ahead about 2 km. Passing the crossing Wiesentalstraße and going on straight ahead about 400 m. Turn to the left into the Innsbrucker Straße, passing the railways underbridge and immediately turn to the left into the bus lane. Please stop on the right side, near by the taxi rank, where passengers can leave the bus.

No parking area inside of Vauban
There is no space for bus-parking, because Vauban is provided by a special car reduced traffic concept. The bus lane can only be used for short-time parking. The official bus-parking-area of Freiburg is placed at the VAG-Center (tram depot, distance 3 km), Besançonallee 99, 79111 Freiburg. Reservation is recommended, please call 0761 - 4511-224. At the surround of Vauban only few parking areas for busses may be available.

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